Monday, June 30, 2008


Our family hit the road early this morning, on their way to Tennessee. We had a great visit with them. Here's a couple fun videos from when they were here:

This one is Keenan playing with Uncle Isaac

Keenan and Grandma dancing at Giuseppe's Wharf

Keenan and I on the tube

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day on the water (lots of pics!)

Philip rented a boat on base this morning and then drove it over to a small park near our house where the rest of us got on board!

Mom, Isaac and Jeff

Capt. Dooley

Keenan and I

Keenan helping Philip drive

The three of us

Cute windblown look

We saw a dolphin but he was too quick for me

Before hitting the water at Crab Island

Checking out the water

In the captain's chair

"World's Strongest Man" pulling the boat =)

Keenan's first Twizzler

It got pretty stormy and choppy, so we had lunch and waited it out for a while at Crab Island before heading back out to do some tubing.

Mom and Isaac trying to keep warm
Keenan bundled up eating grapes

Enjoying the fun "trampoline"

Jeff was the first one to brave the rough water on the tube

Next Isaac jumped on

...and loved it!

Keenan getting sleepy with Grandma

Keenan and I heading out for our turn on the tube

All ready

(Keenan loved it! There's video also that I will post later)

Coming back in

Mom decided to try it too
(aren't they cute?)

Philip giving them a wild ride!


Last night, we went out for dinner. Philip decided we should go to Giuseppe's Wharf, since it's unique to our area and his family could try something new. We had a nice evening and got some fun pictures too.

Keenan and I checking out the view
(I'm certainly looking pregnant here!)

Jeff and Isaac doing the same

Keenan having a hush puppy

Philip building with the sweetener packets

Keenan was getting bored, so he and Philip went for a walk... and ended up outside our window!

Shrimp penne pasta

Grilled salmon

All of us

Keenan's first kids' meal ever!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beach Bash

Mom, Jeff and Isaac got here safe and sound last night and it didn't take Keenan long to warm up and start "picking on" his uncle Isaac! =)

So much for picking on someone your own size... =)

"Hey Uncle Isaac, play with me!"

Today was the Eglin Residency Beach Bash at the Air Force beach on Okalossa Island. It's another opportunity for the new interns to get to know everyone. Aside from being at the beach with a ton of our favorite people, the highlight was definitely the meat... beef brisket, prepared by Matt Ramage (as well as a loyal crew who helped him with the rubbing and smoking waay into the night last night!) Sooo tender and tasty!

Keenan didn't nap this morning (or on the way in the van, like we hoped), so he was pretty much exhausted from the get go. The only thing that made him happy was eating chips at first. After a while, he finally got so sleepy that Mom was able to push him in the stroller and he fell asleep and napped for about 40 minutes. That improved his mood some, but he was still pretty cranky until Mom, Jeff and Isaac took him swimming while Philip and I stayed in the pavilion for some activities.

"Pringles make me happy"

Some of the food...

Snacks and desserts...

Matt, the main meat man!

Keenan during his nap

Our table
Jodi, Jeff, Isaac, Joe, Shannon, Mom (Kathleen)

...and the exact same picture with me

Isaac and Isaac!

Grandpa and Keenan headed out to the beach

One of the activities was a tug of war between the "Over 30's" and the "Under 30's". Philip's team (the young ones) won two out of three!

The tug of war

The winning team

John (the tallest guy there, so he got chosen) trying to save the day and get the helium balloon down from the ceiling. But alas, it was not to be... it's still there

Friday, June 27, 2008

Visitors for the weekend =)

Keenan and I have been getting the house ready for our first company in a long while! Philip's Mom and Jeff and his little brother, Isaac are coming to spend a few days with us on their way to Ohio. They'll get here sometime this evening and will head out again on Monday morning. It should be a really fun weekend together!

Graduation Banquet

We had a Wonderful, kid free, fun evening last night!! After dropping Keenan off (where we Knew he'd have a blast with Christopher and William), we headed over to the O Club for social hour before the banquet started. It was awesome to be able to mingle and chat, and just be ourselves without our little guy to watch out for. I did miss him, but we had a Great time!

This picture is before we left the house... I knew the rain was going to steal my curls!

Me and Isaac

The food was amazing, and yes, I ate all of this (and a little more!)

The tables were big, so were able to sit with most of our favorite people. Here's everyone that was at our table:

Matt and Tiff


Andrea and Erik

Jodi and Cliff

Rob's wife (Sarah) is in Colorado, so he cuddled up to Philip

Wendi, Kacey and Isaac

...and with John (he arrived late because he was delivering a baby!)

Philip and Kacey were both selected for the Internal Medicine Intern(s) of the Year Award!

Tiffany seems to be catching the baby bug... hmmm...

Isaac and his Mom =)

I think we all clean up pretty well! =)
(l-r) Jodi, Johanna, Me, Tiff, Wendi, Andrea, Kacey and Robin

Me with my favorite guy again

After dinner, they presented a bunch of awards, and then each class (as well as the staff), showed videos they had done of the past year. They were all sooo hilarious!! Matt and John were in charge of the video for our class and did an Amazing job (full of continuous laughs)! I had no idea our husbands worked with so many funny people! =)

When we went to pick up Keenan (after nine), he was still running around having a grand old time, and hardly seemed to care that we were there! He, William and Christopher had had a great four hours together, eating, playing, getting filthy and then having a bath together! (Brandon and Brittney gave us a picture of that which I'll scan and post later).