Thursday, May 8, 2008

VERY Special news, MOPS, gifts, and randomness

This first news, I just can't wait to share. Many of you will have already seen this on Wendi's blog, but I just want to share it with My little piece of the world, because I'm SO happy! Our friends, John and Wendi (another couple here at Eglin ), after ten years of infertility issues, multiple procedures, a lot of heartache and waiting... finally have their son, Isaac John (as of last night!) He was born to a close friend of theirs in Fort Lauderdale, and I am just thrilled out of my mind to see the three of them finally joined in this perfect little family! I'm dying to meet Isaac when they return... =)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think this one is worth a few good sized books... definitely the most special picture posted on This blog to date.

What a sweet, precious little face
Isaac John, born May 7, 7 lbs, 5 oz. 20 in.


Today at MOPS was "Tea and Testimony". We have that twice a year (I think), and there's always a great speaker or two who share their testimony and the awesome things that God has done in their lives. This morning we had a woman share about her life, and she really focused on Joy. What is joy? How is it different than happiness? What steals our joy? etc... This really spoke to me and was such a blessing, because I often find that I let my joy be stolen by circumstances or other people around me, when really The joy of the LORD is my strength, and if I'm looking to find it in, or replenish it with anything else, it will fail.

Here are most of the amazing women in my MOPS group!

Since my birthday is this month I had to/"got to" =) wear a tiara and I got some cute little gifts!

My cute little candle holder

My pretty little teacup floral arrangement

The four "birthday girls" got to take home the table center pieces. Yay!

For Mother's Day, Loree and Tammy made these adorable bracelets for us all!

Cute clasp

We finally watched, Water Horse last night. I thought it was really good. It is fantasy, so not entirely Philip's cup of tea, but it was a great story, and I just love Scottish accents. =)

I stole this video from Tara's blog. Since I played flute in the band in high school (never any where near this good, mind you), this was especially funny to me. =)


Anonymous said...

hey joia! the baby is so cute! im so happy that he came on my birthday! I was really hoping lol. I wrote on wendis blog saying that i hope that he comes may 7th I said cause thats my b-day! anyways im so happy for them...thanks for posting the pictures!

Anonymous said...

YAY Wedndi and family! We are so incredibly excited for you. May baby Isaac bring you LOTS of joy and LAUGHTER as his namesake is He who Laughs!
Jessica and family

Anonymous said...

So much to comment on....
1) Congrats to Wendi & JB; may you experience as much joy from your little Isaac, as we have ours (who is now 7 y.o.!). And as Jessica said, he truly does bring Laughter into our lives as his name means.

2) Joia, you have an awesome MOPS group and I loved how they celebrate your b'days. The bracelets were beautiful and I loved the candle holder (better hide it when we get to visit-lol).

3) The flute players were Amazing! I have never played the flute, but I think it would be difficult enough to coordinate mouth with fingers by yourself, let alone having two people!

And aren't you amazed at how well I've been keeping up with your blog? LOL. I took your advice and read it (almost) every day now.

Love, Mom E.

Liz said...


Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog every day or so. It really makes me feel connected to you, and, through you, to the Woodford side of the is a connection that has been in need of some help, I feel, for many years now and I would like to thank you for your part in it (hope that makes sense).

Your photos are fantastic, which reminds me of a story...I have an old, manual SLR camera that my dad gave me for my 16th birthday. He told me the body of the camera (a Pentax K1000) and the much worn, leather strap once belonged to YOUR dad. The lens is broken and I haven't used the camera in years but I like to keep it around. There's a connection for you :)

Love Liz.

Flakymn said...

Thanks Joia! :) I can't wait for you to hold him. Pencil Monday in to stop by!

mom w. said...

Elizabeth P? Hello there, good to hear from you. Aunt Judy