Saturday, May 31, 2008

Turkey Creek, Take Two

This morning, Philip and Keenan went for a bike ride and I got some time to myself to get things ready for our second trip to Turkey Creek.

We asked Jodi if she'd like to come along, since Cliff was post call (and dead to the world). We had lunch in the pavilion first and then headed down the boardwalk to the water. It was much hotter out this time, so we were sooo ready to get in the water by the time we got to the end and got our tubes blown up!

Having lunch - I have no idea what Keenan is doing with his eyes! =)

It was another fun trip down the creek. This time was a bit more eventful than our first trip though... About half way down the creek, we came across a man and five kids (who had left shortly before us). They were all off to the side, sort of under some trees. At first we thought they were just playing around, and almost floated on by. Then we realized that they had all been pulled of course by the current! One girl's hair was stuck on some branches and she was desperately trying to free her floaty thing, while not going under and was getting pretty hysterical, her brother was holding onto a branch, just trying to stay with the rest of them and not get pulled down the stream. The dad and three smaller ones were further in closer to the shore, but were stuck as well. I think he had just tried to take too many kids (who weren't strong enough to steer themselves) without another adult. Keenan and I treaded water and held onto all the tubes off to the side while Jodi helped the girl free her hair, and then Philip went and got the smallest girl (who was about 3 or 4 and was crying) from the dad, gave her to Jodi, and Jodi and the two oldest floated down to the next dock (not very far) while Philip helped the dad (who wasn't a very strong swimmer himself) and the other two kids get back out into the middle of the creek and safely to the dock. I'm so glad we came along when we did and realized they were in need of help (since the dad never really asked us to stop!)

After leaving Turkey Creek, Philip, Keenan and I split an Oreo blizzard on the way home. Mmmm... Then Keenan took a looong nap, and I got some rest too, while Philip headed out to do several more hours of work in the yard.

That's about it for our Saturday. =)

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Anonymous said...

I had a GREAT time! Thanks so much for the invite. We'll have to do it again soon and hopefully we can get a few others to join us.