Friday, May 16, 2008

Some more Isaac...

Here's some more pictures from my visit with Isaac and his parents yesterday...

Wendi and I with Isaac

There's certainly a huge size difference here! =)

Wendi and John graciously let me "play with Isaac" and do some fun pictures... here's a few of them: (He's so adorable, it's not hard to make good pictures with him in them!)


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of Isaac Joia!
Good job!
Love you,

Steph said...

Beautiful pic's, Joia! You do such a great job!
Meant to tell you the other day. You had written a blog mostly about Keenan, and there were 2 comments. Before we looked at them, Tim says, "Hmm, what are the chances they are from Grandma E and Grandma W!?!" And they were!! We really laughed.
Love ya!

Steph said...

That's too funny - that we both wrote at the same time! Guess we both have good jobs, eh Bekah!?! =)

Mom W. said...

Well, grandma W. thinks those strawberries look almost as good as Keenan, yay Joia for picking strawberries and even thinking of making jam, the pictures of Isaac are amazing, really nice. Yeah, I had a good laugh at your comment about the grandmas' comments Steph and Tim. Guess you have us figured out. You are going to blog for me when you go to MX right Steph??? JK, Love you all, Mom W.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Joia!!
And little Isaac just sleeps thru everything, it looks like!! The one with the four of you, it looks like Isaac is yawning...were you boring him?!! LOL
Great job!!

Anonymous said...

hey joia!
great pictures of Isaac. i love the one of him in the basket but they are all so nice! your have a nice talent! great job!

Flakymn said...