Friday, May 2, 2008

She's Gone... =0/

After a Great five days with her, I dropped Laura off at the airport this morning at 4:45. Hopefully her travel on the way home is as pleasant as it was on the way here. =) I'm so blessed to have such a great friend who has traveled from Canada Twice to see me since we moved here! =)

To cheer me up, I decided to post some of the goofy pictures we took together: =)

Pondering life....

Pondering our twisted lives

"Tell me where the brownies are, or breath your last!!"

"Hey, Laura, I could poke someone eye out with my cheek!"
"Aaahhh... look at my tonsils!"

"Hey Laura, does this picture make my face look fat?"
"I don't know.... do you think I should pluck my eyebrows?"

We're hot, and we know it!!

Last night, our last fun thing together was going to "book club" with the wifia. Laura has been able to spend some time with them several times now, and really feels comfortable with them and thinks they're all really fun (which they are!) She and I split some spinach artichoke dip as well as a crab dip - sooo good! (We're big on dips).

Tiffany, Laura, Me, Wendi, Jodi


Anonymous said...

Joia, I know how you feel. I'm Still sad from when you guys left! sniff sniff. Knowing you though, you'll find something fun and unique to do to help lift your spirit! And you are so blessed to have your wiffia (sp?) group too. They are an awesome bunch.
Empathizing with you, Mom E.

Mom W. said...

I don't think you are both just big "on" dips, I think it appears you are pretty big "as" dips from the crazy pictures... = ) nice, encouraging comment from your Mom... so glad you and Laura had such a good time, for her - back to the rainy, cool north. It is quiet here too without the little people... XOXO, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey you guy, I made it home safe and uneventful!!! (other than an extra long trip to Detroit because of the rain. I didn't realize that I didn't get a chance to hug Keenan good - bye and it really made me sad - give him one for me:(

As for the wifia, thanks for the great visit and I look forward to many more :)
I love you guys and already miss you lots
P.S. Philip thanks for sharing Joia with me this week and putting up with our goofy-ness - what's new though right?