Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A pictureless day

I think I actually went through the day today without taking any pictures!

Keenan and I had a great time this morning at my women's (and kids) Bible study down the street. For lunch, Laura and her friend, Corrie, made Delicious spicy meatballs, noodles and green beans, with fresh strawberries for dessert! Other than the strawberries, Keenan enjoyed every bit of it. =)

Right now, I'm working on the chocolate covered cheesecake squares I'm taking to the wifia lunch tomorrow. Mmm... If I actually make it there with any left, it'll be a miracle! =)

Not too much excitement to report today, so...

Here's a funny video from the park the other night...


Anonymous said...

that video is just too funny! nice catch!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for that video!! Jeff and I just watched it together and I couldn't stop laughing. We Really needed that tonight. I also cracked up at Philip's comment, "turn him the other way so he can unwind"!!! lol x 3! toooo funny!

I think you should send it into "Funniest Home Videos"!

Mom E.

Anonymous said...

He didn't like the strawberries? Maybe he's going to turn out like Mark!

Flakymn said...

You better have some left!!!!!!!!!!