Friday, May 16, 2008

Picking Strawberries!

Yesterday morning, Keenan and I, and some others from our MOPS group, went strawberry picking in Baker! We rode with Andrea and Jonathan, which was really fun, and the two boys loved having the company in the back seat.

The weather wasn't looking great, and we weren't sure if we'd get rained out or not, but decided to risk it and go anyway. We were sure glad we went - it was a blast!

Keenan giving a strawberry a try

Nothin' like picking strawberries and finding those little "jewels" under the leaves...

Keenan did So well in the stroller for the first part!

...then he was out to "help" pick


He loved picking up the rotten ones =)
Us in the patch

As you can tell, this one is not very red

This wasn't quite all of my berries... I ended up with 17.75 pounds!!

The best part was going to the little cafe, where I got a sundae, made with fresh berries and their own homemade strawberry ice cream! MMMMMM!!

Well, at least I know Keenan likes strawberries With ice cream!

....even sweeter than strawberries....

Keenan and I spent the afternoon with Wendi and John and I finally got to hold baby Isaac!

What a sweet, tiny little bundle

Keenan checking out the baby (and me trying to keep him from poking Isaac in the eye!)


Mom E said...

LOL. Did you "pick" the red shirt for Keenan to wear on purpose? The strawberries look So delicious and I am so hungry! lol. Hugs to baby Isaac from our "big" Isaac. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Remember Reagan trying to poke Keenan in the eye? It all goes full circle!! LOL Love, Jessica