Friday, May 2, 2008

Our growing boy

It's incredible, watching the daily changes in Keenan now. He is growing up so fast!

I'm trying to train him to "help" with things around the house, and so far he unloads the silverware from the dishwasher and hands it to me to put away, helps me with the trash by dragging on of the bags to the door so I can put them in our bin outside and puts all of his bath toys in the basket when we're finished with his bath. =) (Now if I can just teach him how to vacuum...)

When he needs a drink, he goes to the fridge and tries to open the door. This is helpful since he doesn't talk yet. =)

He Loves going to the park, and being with other kids his age. He's even starting to be able to play With kids when they come to our house.

He gets So excited when Philip comes home from work, it's really cute.

Philip popped in for a quick visit this afternoon after he made a home visit close by, before heading back in to work. Keenan was in a "kissy mood"...

He kissed a little bit high, but no one's complaining here

Here are several videos:

Keenan driving the car yesterday

Updated walking footage

Keenan giggling


Anonymous said...

It took me a minute before I realized the last video was in our livingroom! I Loved the pic of Keenan kissing Philip! That is so precious! And how fun to see him in all the videos. It's so great to hear his giggle!

Give him a big hug for me.

Love, Mom E.

Mom W. said...

Thank you Joia, finally a clip of him walking, wow, is he ever going now. Good job teaching him to "help". Love you all, Mom W.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much Keenan has changed since we were there!! Wow!