Sunday, May 11, 2008

A nice'n'easy day...

Philip had to go in to work again until about noon today. Keenan and I had a nap and did some baking while he was gone.

Keenan found this shirt of mine somewhere and brought it to me... and I just couldn't resist.
I think he looks pretty cute in a little pink dress (notice the Air Force Girl on it)
Philip wasn't impressed... =)

The rest of the day has been pretty laid back. We picked up lunch at Subway and got a movie to watch during Keenan's nap. The movie is Beyond the Gates, about the Rwandan genocide. I think it was even harder to watch than Hotel Rwanda but an amazing story.

Both of my boys got me really sweet Mother's day cards, and have been very good to me. =)

I even got a Mother's Day call from Philip's dad in Kenya!

This afternoon, Philip had to pay a visit to a patient in a nursing home in Fort Walton Beach, so Keenan and I hung out at Wal-Mart while we waited.

To restore Keenan's manliness after the dress incident, he tried on a couple different biker caps. He liked this one the best...

Do you think this one suits me?

Ready to hit the road...

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Anonymous said...

Keenan is a beautiful baby, just like his daddy was! I loved the biker hat! Maybe one day when I finally get my Harley, I can give him a ride on it! lol. Love, Mom E.