Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lots going on...

Keenan strikes again

The other morning, after giving Keenan some apple sauce for breakfast, I gave him a handful of cheerios and then left the room for a minute. As I was coming back in, I heard a "Whoooosh!" Yup, he had reached the box and dumped it upside down all over the place! =) The camera just happened to be on my way....

I think he looks a little guilty...

I think he would have happily sat here for the entire day and eaten every one off the floor if I had let him!


What did people do with overripe bananas before the invention of banana bread? I have no idea, but I'm sure glad someone thought of it! I made one with a yummy, crispy crumbly top on it.

I also made my first ever pound cake

.... which later turned into this...


Case Lot Sale

They had their second case lot sale of the year at the Commissary this weekend. We decided to head over and wait in line, in hopes of finding good deals on things we need. We sure did! Look at all our stuff!

Philip with the "paper products cart" (including Six boxes of diapers!)

Me with the food

Making Jam

I have officially made jam by myself for the first time! (I think that makes me a real woman or something...) =)
Mashing berries
(they were famous back before The Smashing Pumpkins)

A bunch of berries ready to go...

Sterilizing the jars

Cooking the fruit, it smells sooo good!

Yay Mom, I'm doing it!

Filling the jars

Finished product =0)


Flakymn said...

Good job taking a picture of keenan in his mischief! I have been told this is a good way to avoid getting angry! :) And who could get angry at that face.

Maybe next year, we will brave the caselot sale with you!

Mom W. said...

Good job Joia!!! I am impressed!!!
Was it easy like I said??? = ) Yeah, you are difinitely a real woman now. Whatever... well I think Keenan was just looking for the toy that was supposed to be in the box... poor kid, where was it?

Your strawberries made us/me so hungry for them I had to get some (probably from FL) and make strawberry shortcake- it wasn't our official yearly "eat only strawberry shortcake for a meal" though, that has to be local berries. They were still pretty good following "One Dish Beef Stroganoff" (a new recipe tonight) sorry, I probably should be writing this in an email instead of here... anyway, congratulations on your jam. love, Mom.

Heather said...

hehe I like the apron! Good job on the jam :)

Anonymous said...

Joia!!! Finally a REAL woman, and you made REAL jam. I have to admit I always get irritated with people that brag about their huge efforts with freezer jam. You went for the big stuff though - Bravo!!!
And BTW I'm loving the look of the other baking too - I can't wait for strawberries.

Anonymous said...

I think a jar of that stuff should be my prize for being 10K! It looks so awesome! Aren't strawberries so pretty?!? Love and miss you tremendously! We really would have tons of fun together if we lived closer. Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey joia, I just thought of something - I think you should include your recipes somewhere on your blog - I think everytime I see something I want to bake it :)