Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last MOPS of the year...

Today was our last MOPS until the fall. We had a Spa day!! We got soo pampered! There were two massage therapists there, giving massages, a woman doing hand care, and two Mary Kay reps doing makeovers! In between our various "appointment" slots at the different things, we just got to sit around with our feet in foot baths, and eat Amazing food, and drink punch and "bubbly"! Wow!

We also did a little thank you presentation to Loree, the coordinator for doing such a good job this year. My job was the cake, so I made a coconut one, which is her favorite.

Loree's cake
(which was completely eaten, except for one piece Loree took home!)

Some of the other yummy food
(my favorite was the marinated shrimp)

Me doing an orange and ginger hand scrub

My massage was sooo nice! I didn't take any pictures in the massage room, because it would have spoiled the calm, candle lit atmosphere. I snagged this picture off the web, to show you the "body bridge" table I was on. It was soo comfortable, and I was bummed when she said I was done! =0/

Sandi and I sittin' and soakin'


Loree Arrington said...

Nope, Joia! It didn't even make it out of Shalimar - I ate the last piece in the parking lot!!!

YUM - O !!

Joia is the best baker in all of Okaloosa County, FL!!! THANK YOU!

Mom said...

Talk about pampered, yep, looks like fun. Nice cake Joia...

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you tell me more details about how this worked (be as detailed as possible...probably in an e-mail to me if you can) so I can pitch this in our steering team meeting for MOPS next year. I am co-finance person so I have some say in what we do. This would be so awesome!!!! Love you! P.S. Bought your bday present today, sending tomorrow, won't get there on Monday b/c it is a holiday though!!! Sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS...that was Jessica BTW on the last novel-length comment! xoxox

Josh, Amanda and Ethan said...

Mmm that looks like my coconut cake :) Sooo good.