Thursday, May 1, 2008

Keenan's driving!

Laura, Keenan and I went over to visit Frank and Myrtle this morning. Myrtle had salvaged a little car from someone's trash that she thought Keenan might enjoy. She was soo right!!

Pretty proud of his cool ride!

"Oh no, the wheel came off!"

Myrtle trying to make the wheel stay in

Keenan trying to exit the car the wrong way

They've had a bird's nest in one of their bushes for a few weeks, and we've been waiting for the eggs to hatch. They finally did, and I was able to get a couple pictures of the babies.

Hungry little mouth

Two of the three birds

Keenan was very interested in what Frank was doing

Frank was tickling Keenan's cheek with the string =)

He loved splashing in this watering can



Grandma W. said...

Oh my, Keenan's driving? Where did all those years go??? Nice blue car though...

Gr'ma E. said...

I Love the captions you give the pictures, Joia! lol. Keenan, I thought the car looked purple.... maybe it's the colors on my computer! I miss you!

Joia said...

The car is actually purple.

G'ma W. said...

Oh, it's OUR computer that is confused... not surprising... = ) I still like the blue better. Our TV does the same thing to movies, what color was Shrek Joia? = / I think Barney is green and orange...