Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rob and Della!

We spent the afternoon at a super fun birthday party for Rob, (one of Philip's fellow interns), and Della, Rob and Sarah's little girl. Rob is turning 30, and Della is almost one.

Here are some pictures from the party:

The Adorable cupcakes Sarah made for the kids

Philip and I (my drink is non-alcoholic strawberry lemonade, just in a fun glass) =)

Peek a boo!

Rob and Sarah with their little Princess

The three of us

Keenan wearing Della's hat

Della getting into her cake


Rob's (ice cream) cake

Keenan enjoying his cupcake

Opening the little pink "crocs" Keenan gave her

Sarah put together really cute "goodie buckets" for each of the kids!

I love this one - Della is pinching Keenan's knee! LOL!

Philip and Keenan being silly

"Hey Dad, let me try!"


It was a great time spent with good friends and good food! As we were leaving, I asked Keenan if he could blow Della a kiss. He puckered up, leaned in and planted one right on her mouth! =) I guess that was his Real birthday present to her...


Flakymn said...

Great photos Joia!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Keenan and Della's first kiss! I hate I missed it!


Anonymous said...

hey joia!
that ice cream cake looks really good. a girl from work and i have the same b-day this week and we both work so we are going to take out selves and ice cream cake lol. looks good!