Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Joia!

I didn't think Joia would get around to posting until this evening, but by then it's too late for everyone to wish her happy birthday on the actual day. I know she had a number of e-mails and e-cards waiting for her when she got up from sleeping in a little bit while Keenan and I made breakfast. I don't really think she slept very well knowing that Keenan and I were loose in the kitchen. The occasional loud crashing noise didn't help much either. Anyway, to celebrate her 27 years so far, here are a few pictures from her life...


Joia said...

LOL! Philip this is so fun! =0)

The last one is probably my favorite... people always said I was the "ringleader" in our clan. =)

love you!

Steph said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, JOIA!

I really loved the post and pic's from Philip - that's great! I think I see our little Shaelyn's face peeping out from beneath that fancy graduation cap. THAT'S where she gets her mischievousness from!! I always Knew it was from Tim's side!! =)

Hope you have a really wonderful day - it looks like it started off well, anyway!! Love you lots, and I'll try and call you a little later!

Mom W. said...

Good selecton Philip, how fun! I noticed the oven door is open in the BIG glasses one, I wonder why it is open. Happy Birthday Joia, you are my favorite daughter. OXOXO (and Philip's favorite wife, Keenan's favorite Mom, Dad's favorite daughter and your brothers' favorite sister all rolled into one) Wow, you are a lot of "favorites" = )How did you do that? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Joia!
Enjoy, relax, and do something nice for yourself!

Anonymous said...

"Hi, my name's Bertha, but you can call me cupcake!" That's what the last one reminds me of. Happy 27th birthday Joia!
Love you!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Joey. I can hardly believe that my one and only little sister is 27. Now I feel even older that my elderly 30 years. I love you. Great idea for today Philip.

Joia said...

Mark??? Is that really YOU... posting on my blog?? Wow, it's amazing what a birthday will do to bring you out of the wood(ford) works! LOL!

Thanks, love you too (and your wife "Bertha"!)

tim said...

Jojo, There's no way you're old enough to be that old... weren't you just in grade 11?
Philipino - you had to pick the prim 'n proper highlights from her life didn't you? Now no one will know that she's actually a little crazy once in a while!
Happy Day little sis!
Love, Timbob

Joia said...

Timoteo too! Look at all the love my bros are spreading around on my birthday, makes me think you guys are actually a little sentimental about your little "sista from da south".

And by the way, no need to encourage Philip to search out his sources for some "more interesting" pictures to post before the day's end... =P

Anonymous said...

Hey Joia! Happy Birthday - hope you got your first (or cose to it) birthday card from me - I sent it really early so I wouldn't forget!!! Hope you've had a great day so far and been spoiled rotten, I'm sure you have :)
Have a great day and a fun year to come!!!
Love you - you old hag!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joia! Hope you had a FUN day!


Ebby Ray said...

Joia..I am so glad that I finally got to meet you!

Happy Birthday!!!

Ebby Ray

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Joia. I know im a little late but i just got done work and i hadnt been home until now! but looks like you had a great day! hope this year is a great year!

Liz said...

Second photo from the top...that is the Joia I remember best! Happy belated birthday!


Anonymous said...

Joia, I guess I have to apologize - when I laughingly told my husband what I put on the blog (sincere birthday wishes, and the old hag thing), we was MORTIFIED, so in case you didnt' get the cute and funny sarcasm, I'm sorry - I know technically, I'm the older hag but you know, I was just havin' fun :)

Flakymn said...

I think the one of you with strawberry shortcake really looks like you! Like that's where I'm like, "Oh yeah -- that's Joia!"