Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great first day of the weekend

We have had a Wonderful first day of our holiday weekend so far!

We started the day by sleeping in (Keenan actually let us stay in bed until about 8:30). Then we had honey baked French toast with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. After a leisurely morning, we headed out for a picnic at Liza Johnson park in Fort Walton Beach.

We had a nice lunch in the shade, and then headed over to the playground...

Keenan with some ice as we were packing up lunch

My two boys at the top of the slide

Coming down

My handsome hubby =)

I Love Keenan's look here, he's soo excited about going down the slide again! =)

A hot little boy on his dad's shoulders after playing hard

Rinsing off under a spigot before heading home

When we got home, it was nap time, and then this afternoon, we headed over to the Niceville splash park for our first visit of the season. Keenan is in Love with it, and I think we will be visiting often this summer!
Keenan and I heading in..

This was one of Keenan's favorite parts (even though some of the bigger kids were a little mean)

He's so happy!

This one would shoot up and then disappear for a while, Keenan was very confused

Daddy made it come back =)

We're pretty sure Keenan would have played happily here for an hour at least, wandering around on his own, playing in the water and staring at people, without a care in the world or one thought about where we might be. =)

Now we're home for the evening, and will all sleep well tonight after all the fresh air and sunshine, I'm sure... =)

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Flakymn said...

This looks like such fun!!!!! I can't wait for Isaac to be big enough so we can join you!