Monday, May 26, 2008

A great birthday...

My day started with a handsome, apron-clad waiter coming into my bedroom (oh, I forgot to say, he was my Husband!) with a breakfast menu for me to choose from. There were four different egg choices, and I could also choose toast or a bagel, (with any number of toppings on it/them), I could decide how many sausages I wanted, what beverage I wanted, as well as pick a side! What service! With the menu came an adorable birthday card from my boys. =) (Parasailing was my birthday present, but the day still held much fun for me as it went on...)

After this, he left (hoping I'd go back to sleep). I couldn't really sleep any more, but did relax and read a couple magazines... pretty sweet. He then went and got Keenan up, changed him, and gave him breakfast before starting on preparations for mine.

It was interesting, lying there, being lazy, listening to the sounds. Every now and then I'd hear Keenan running around, or giggling, or banging on something. I heard the hand vacuum come on twice (what for?? I wondered...), the fridge door opened and closed a lot, the oven timer went off, I could hear eggs sizzling, and smell the sausages... mmmm. Aaaahhh... Just lying there without a care in the world. Happy Birthday to ME!!

After a while, the aforementioned handsome waiter returned with a tray, then juice, and some flowers. After this, was my plate, filled with Tons of good food! Breakfast in bed at it's finest... (My mom has never liked breakfast in bed, but as I thought about it today, I figure it's probably because she didn't just have my dad making it, there were five "little people" helping, so she may have had cold, burnt toast, runny eggs, charred bacon .. and then someone may have jumped up on the bed and spilled her juice in her lap, or knocked her bacon into the sheets.. who knows - I'm sure she has her reasons.) One day I may feel the same, but for now, I'm "Lovin' it!"

I could totally get used to this...

Yum diddly!

After breakfast, Keenan and I stayed in the bed and played hide and seek under the sheets, sang songs, and played This little piggy, while Philip cleaned up the kitchen (he said he was afraid for me to see it). =)

After that, Philip made himself some breakfast... and I discovered, after three and a half years of marriage to this man, that he can make an Omelet!! I have personally Never made an omelet, and until this very morning, had No idea that He could make one!! I watched with my own two eyes, and indeed, he really did know how! Well, after the great breakfast And the omelet lesson, I told him he's in trouble now, because I know what he's capable of! LOL!

Next I checked my email and read birthday messages and fun ecards from several people before taking a nap while Keenan took one. (During this time, my stealthy, thoughtful husband got on the blog and told the world it was my birthday, complete with some humorous pictures from my past...) =) I was thrilled when I discovered that he'd put in the thought and effort to collect the pictures to surprise me on the blog with a special birthday post.

Keenan anxious to get out of the house

This afternoon, after buying a couple inner tubes, we headed over to Turkey Creek. It's a very popular place in the summer to swim and float down the creek. We've swam a couple times, but had never done the floating thing, so we decided to give it a try. We discovered that the 3/4 mile walk to the end of the boardwalk seems a Lot longer when carrying Keenan the entire way. =) We got there, inflated the tubes, got in the water (after some temperature shock for Philip), and were on our way....

It was SO much fun! Keenan Loved it, and we all had a good time (especially after Philip took over the steering and maneuvering of Keenan's little floaty... after a slight mishap that ended with Keenan and I off in some low hanging trees!) =) Keenan was quite the novelty to anyone we passed, as he's probably one of the youngest to "take on the Turkey". =) The current was much swifter than we had thought, so we were moving along at a pretty good pace. The curves usually took a little more work to try and stay in the middle, but it was a blast! Keenan started to get a little bit cold towards the end, so we will probably start at a closer point next time. What a great, inexpensive (admission to the park is free and our inner tubes cost $2.39 each!) way to spend a sunny afternoon! I think we'll be doing this a Lot! We have no pictures from the actual trip down the creek (for obvious reasons), but here we are after the fact!

A good time had by all

...and just because... This picture is titled "How to tell if you're your mother's favorite"
My brothers all think I'm the spoiled one, so I'm sure they all think that the one the mom is stepping on represents Them, and I'm the one getting the food! =)

Philip has spent a lot of time working on the yard the last couple days. This evening Keenan and I went out to help him clean up some of the big stuff he had dug out...

Even Keenan pulled his share

Philip digging (yet another) Huge bush-like weed out from behind an actual bush

Keenan's not to sure about this prickly ride...

Yes, folks, these are pink and orange checkered work gloves! =0)

Such a big helper

Heading in

After getting cleaned up, we had soft tacos for dinner (which Philip and I both Love), and then I had my "birthday cake" (aka yummy ice cream sandwich). I haven't put any makeup on all day, and figured the tiara and boa would help give me a little "glam appeal" (maybe not). Anyhow, the three candles represent my life in nine year sections.

It's been a great birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I was wondering who was going to make and decorate YOUR cake. I'm glad you got one! Sounded like a fun day. Lady Di (Wendi's mom)

Mom W. said...

I SO would have made and decorated a cake for Joia if I had been anywhere near but an ice cream sandwich to grow older with... not bad... = ) Omelet, eh Philip? A man of many talents... Sorry Joia, omelets weren't made much around here when you were learning to cook but not for lack of interest. Steph makes a GREAT omelet, the best I've ever had - so far.

Flakymn said...

You need a disposal/waterproof camera!!!!