Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun time at Sarah's

Sarah hosted a really fun "Meet and Greet Baby Isaac", so Wendi's friends and neighbors could get together and see the baby, visit, and have some Amazing food! Sarah baked everything herself, two different kinds of scones, banana bread, coffee cake, and she also had some amazing soft cheese and crackers and fruit. Yum!

Quite a few people were able to make it and Isaac was "well passed around". =) We all also got to meet Wendi's longtime friend, Ebby who is in town for the week. She's pretty cool!!

Keenan's morning nap was to short and he was in sort of a funk at Sarah's and wasn't on his best behavior (stealing toys, drinking out of other's sippy cups, hitting other kids and eating chalk), but everyone was very nice about it anyway... =0/

Here's a few pictures:

Jamie, Isaac, Pam, Ebby, Della and Wendi

Jamie lovin' on Isaac =)

Della, Caleb, Donovan and Madison

Jodi and Brittney

Pam and Isaac

The sleeping star of the show

Totally unrelated... Frank and Myrtle gave us some fresh picked green beans and red potatoes from their garden yesterday, and we had some for supper.... WOW, they were so good! I roasted the potatoes with olive oil and spices, and made gravy and cooked the beans till they were "just a touch crunchy", and we also had ham and my mom's chili sauce! Mmmmm...

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Mom W. said...

Hey, comment to you on Andrew's blog... OX Mom (Oh can you ask Myrtle about the bean seeds she sent me with you, are they climbing and what kind exactly are they???) I want to plant some.