Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun day with the boy

Keenan and I visited Frank and Myrtle this morning. We hadn't been over there in a while, so it was nice to catch up. Myrtle brought out some strawberry frozen yogurt (that was soo good!) Keenan was a little beggar, and just kept going back and forth between Myrtle and I, gobbling it down as fast as we could spoon it into his mouth. (Later during his nap, he drooled pink on his crib sheet...) =)

Frank picked us some more beans to bring home. There's just nothing like fresh green beans!

While playing this morning, Keenan had these glasses on. I thought they made him look like a little mad scientist or something.. =)

You're interrupting my important work

Now what was I figuring... E=mc...

This afternoon, when Keenan was starting to get bored, I decided to let him color for a bit.

Notice how he's starting to horde the crayons in his left hand...

...turns out he can hold nine before he starts dropping them. =)

After coloring, it was time for....Play dough! I was trying to be brave, and just hope that it didn't end up all over his clothes, in his hair, up his nose etc... It went all right. =)

Come out, come out!


Ha ha! I knew I would win!

He doesn't like it when it sticks to his finger (like in this picture), he shakes and shakes his hand until the piece goes flying off somewhere

Keenan's hand print
(no, his middle finger isn't shorter than the rest, it's just how the print came out!) =)

Philip got home at a really good time this afternoon. Keenan and I were waiting for him in the driveway, and Keenan claimed his stethoscope as soon as possible.

He has his own stylish way of wearing it, too! =0)

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