Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bringing up a boy...

Here are some fun pictures from yesterday and today. A little glimpse into the fun of having a little boy around... =)

These first ones were taken in the car while Keenan and I were waiting for Philip to be finished at work. I think he pressed every button he could find at least a thousand times! His favorite was having the hazard flashers going All the time.

Cute close up

This shows the adorable little curls he's getting by his ears... I think he might end up with curly hair like his dad. =)

"Hey Daddyyyy!!"

He thought it would be great fun to sit In the steering wheel

Today he discovered the "reclining option" of his Diego chair

... as well as the "falling over" option! =)

Fun in the pool this afternoon

Big blue eyes


Anonymous said...

He is SOOOOOO cute! Miss you Keenan! Love, Aunt Jessica

Mom E said...

Thanks for letting me see my grandson and all his little antics. I miss him So much! U 2 too of course! :-)

Mom w. said...

Question everyone, without looking at Joia's blog, what/who do you think is her favourite photography subject? Well, Okay, you can look at her blog for some help but I am sure you will never guess from seeing it... = ) Okay, I can't blame you Joia, if there was anyone as cute as Keenan around here I am sure that I would be hooked too. (Dad and Andrew are good lookin' but just not cute) Keep on postin' those pictures of that cute dude, we are all eating it up, right Grandma E.? OXOXOX Mom

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Wendi's and I've been lurking for sometime. I enjoy seeing pictures of your son. I have a 22 month old son. I wanted to share a project with you. I thought of it when I saw the profile picture of Keenan.


I want to do this project someday soon.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

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