Monday, May 5, 2008

A "tossed salad" post

Yard Work

Yesterday afternoon, Philip did quite a bit of work out in the yard. He dug up a ton of weeds, and uprooted a lot of evil, prickly vines that we didn't want spreading even more when he cut the grass (well, the greenery). While he was mowing, I got this picture of he and Keenan... (this picture was inspired by one that Aunt M. took of the triplets!)

(sigh) Someday when I'm big I'll be able to do that...

New Park

Here's some pictures from that park we discovered on our bike ride the other night. We went back last night after the birthday party.

There's beach volleyball back behind the playground

Basketball courts on the right and tennis at the back

Keenan loves the swings

I couldn't resist... and with no rock climbing gyms around (that I'm aware of), I'm desperate for any climbing surface! =)

I've reached the summit, LOL!

This actually has holds on the underside as well (Andrew, wanna come down and show me how to climb upside down?)

Purple Power

I started my morning off with a super good banana, blackberry, vanilla yogurt smoothie! Yum!

This contains at Least two whole servings of fruit!

Frank and Myrtle

Keenan and I went over to visit Frank and Myrtle this morning and ended up visiting for quite a while, and being invited to stay for lunch, too! Myrtle served up fried potatoes, chicken pot pie, corn bread, fried steak and turnip greens (and of course, her famous sweet tea). And after all that, they both apologized for it not being a very fancy meal to serve someone for lunch - What?? Everything was Delicious! (And the strange part was, Keenan liked it ALL!) I was thrilled!

Frank counting Keenan's fingers

Keenan wearing Myrtle's arm protectors that she wears when she's trimming plants =)

Keenan's first taste of turnip greens


Jodi stopped by this afternoon (as is her habit sometimes). I actually really like it when she's in the area and calls up and asks if she can pop in - it's a Great motivator for me to "quick clean" the house! =) Keenan was pretty happy to see her when he got up from his nap.

I think this is a fabulous picture of both of them

Too bad Jodi's no fun... =)

Since Keenan ate so well at Frank and Myrtle's, I decided to see if I could keep the trend alive at home... When he and I had dinner, I sat him at the table with me in his booster seat, (no more high chair and tray for him), and didn't offer him anything besides what I was eating. He did just as well, and ate turkey, sweet potato, rutabaga and broccoli! Yay, Keenan!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for always letting me stop by with last minute notice! It's nice to visit with you and Keenan when I can.


Mom w. said...

Wow, Keenan is eating rutabaga and turnip greens, amazing, what a boy full of surprises. Did you have to use the grinder Joia or did he manage to chew everything?

Flakymn said...

Are you a rock climber Joia? Surely I would have known this if it were true?

Mom W. said...

Which window is Keenan standing at? Is that the front of the house? Was just trying to figure it out.