Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bikes, Berries and Bubbles

This is Philip's first weekend with two whole free days in four weeks! It's been nice to have him around.. =)

Keenan was up pretty early, so while Philip got a bit more sleep, he and I headed out for a walk. I Really like using the bike trailer with the stroller attachment! It seems to be lighter than our other one, and rolls so easily that sometimes it seems like I don't even have to push it, just steer. Yesterday I decided on a 40 minute route through our neighborhood that I Hope to do every day. I really need the exercise, Keenan likes the ride, and I'm hoping it will allow me to meet some more people who live around us.

We spent the day mostly here at home, but did run a few errands before Keenan's nap this afternoon. We picked up the movie, Water Horse, has anyone seen it? We haven't watched it yet, but I thought the previews were cute.

After dinner, we went for a bike ride and discovered a really cool new park not far from us! It has tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a small playground with swings, and a cool rock climbing thing! We stopped and let Keenan swing for a while. When we were getting ready to leave, Philip realized he had a flat tire! While Keenan and I waited at the park, Philip rode home on my bike, got our pump, and came back. Fortunately it wasn't a huge leak, so it held the air fairly well. We had to stop and pump it up once more before we got back home. We plan to go back to the park tomorrow and will probably get pictures.

Before we headed out on our bike ride, Philip found a Ton of blackberry plants in our backyard. Look how many we picked!

Free fruit - you can't beat that!

Makes for a healthy dessert too, in a vanilla yogurt and berry parfait! Mmmm...

These pictures are from last night. I bought Keenan a big bubble wand a few days ago, and it's been a big hit!

It's so cute, watching him try to grab the bubbles

I thought these looked so pretty in the air


Mom W. said...

Mmmm those black berries make my mouth water, they make awesome jam too Joia and Really easy with a package of fruit pectin to help... nudge, nudge... You could even make the freezer kind and use it later with your vanilla yogourt. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I've only seen previews for Water Horse and wondered if it would be OK for Isaac to watch. They market it as a kid's movie, but you know how that goes! LMK if you liked it and your opinion of it for kids.

The blackberries looked so yummy! Don't cut down that bush! lol.

Love, Mom E.