Sunday, May 25, 2008

All's (pretty) quiet on the home front

I haven't taken a single picture today (well, not any of people, just some of the yard, so Philip can see if he's actually making a difference out there).

Today has been a very lazy day for the most part. Keenan woke up with a nasty cold and runny nose this morning, so we've pretty much been staying close to home base, so he can get lots of naps.

Since I don't have much to post about us, I'll update you on some family happenings with my "peeps" up in Canada.

My oldest brother, Tim, his wife, Stephanie, and their three (adorable) daughters, Mika, Shaelyn, and Kyla, are moving to Mexico in September! They have always been open to doing mission work wherever the Lord lead them, and have recently felt called to Hermosillo, Mexico. While we are excited for this new chapter in their lives, this is a Huge change for our whole family, as we are very close. Other than me way down here in the Sunshine State, the rest of my four siblings and parents all live within an hour of each other.

The cool thing though, is that we will all be spending a week long vacation together at a cottage on a lake up North at the end of July! Philip unfortunately won't be able to go (as he won't be leave eligible), but Keenan and I will fly up for the week. It should be an amazing time with fourteen of us in one house! =)

Even more fun, my younger brother, Andrew (25), will be flying down Here for about 8 days prior to that trip, and then will fly home the same day as Keenan and I and make the long drive from Detriot to the cottage with us. He hasn't been here in a year, since he helped us move in and do some initial renovations, so I'm Really excited to have him coming back! (This time, we'll try and let him have some fun, not work all the time!) =)

Well, it sounds like Keenan needs some help settling down... Goodnight all!

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