Sunday, May 18, 2008

Afternoon at Wolverine Park

Philip has been dying to play catch, and just yesterday bought me a new glove, so this afternoon we headed over to a park near us to throw a ball around while Keenan explored the vast expanses of grass.

The boys decided to ride over, but I wasn't feeling super well, so I opted to drive instead. Keenan was pretty weirded out by Mommy being in the car next to him as he rode along behind Daddy's bike. =)
"Mommy, what is going on??"

Philip got up to about 20 miles an hour (but apparently the trailer is only supposed to go 10! Whatever... what kind of cycling is That??

Heading into the park

A shot of my two favorite boys through the fence

Keenan's shirt (inherited from Uncle Isaac) says,
"I know I'm sunshine 'cause I can melt my Daddy's heart!"
Ain't that the truth... =)

The three of us in the dugout

Keenan kept coming and stealing balls from us

Keenan in motion!

A "through and through Wolverine" and a future Wolverine (maybe?) beside the
Wolverine Parking

This last picture has nothing to do with anything. Yesterday when Philip was organizing our pantry, he came across a brand new mop head for a mop we don't own (left over from the previous owner). We though it made some cute "white boy dreads" for Keenan.

"Hey Mon, no worries!"


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Loved seeing my 2 Wolverines. The white boy's dread locks were hysterical. So cute.
Love, Mom E

Mom W. said...

I love the look on his face in the first picture, it so could be what you wrote Joia. "I know Daddy wouldn't kidnap me but where is Mommy going???" lots of fun. OXO Mom

Canada Grandma said...

Yeah, I know Tim, it looks like these Grandmas are hopeless... what can we say...? (Speaking for myself mainly Kathleen - :)