Saturday, May 31, 2008

Turkey Creek, Take Two

This morning, Philip and Keenan went for a bike ride and I got some time to myself to get things ready for our second trip to Turkey Creek.

We asked Jodi if she'd like to come along, since Cliff was post call (and dead to the world). We had lunch in the pavilion first and then headed down the boardwalk to the water. It was much hotter out this time, so we were sooo ready to get in the water by the time we got to the end and got our tubes blown up!

Having lunch - I have no idea what Keenan is doing with his eyes! =)

It was another fun trip down the creek. This time was a bit more eventful than our first trip though... About half way down the creek, we came across a man and five kids (who had left shortly before us). They were all off to the side, sort of under some trees. At first we thought they were just playing around, and almost floated on by. Then we realized that they had all been pulled of course by the current! One girl's hair was stuck on some branches and she was desperately trying to free her floaty thing, while not going under and was getting pretty hysterical, her brother was holding onto a branch, just trying to stay with the rest of them and not get pulled down the stream. The dad and three smaller ones were further in closer to the shore, but were stuck as well. I think he had just tried to take too many kids (who weren't strong enough to steer themselves) without another adult. Keenan and I treaded water and held onto all the tubes off to the side while Jodi helped the girl free her hair, and then Philip went and got the smallest girl (who was about 3 or 4 and was crying) from the dad, gave her to Jodi, and Jodi and the two oldest floated down to the next dock (not very far) while Philip helped the dad (who wasn't a very strong swimmer himself) and the other two kids get back out into the middle of the creek and safely to the dock. I'm so glad we came along when we did and realized they were in need of help (since the dad never really asked us to stop!)

After leaving Turkey Creek, Philip, Keenan and I split an Oreo blizzard on the way home. Mmmm... Then Keenan took a looong nap, and I got some rest too, while Philip headed out to do several more hours of work in the yard.

That's about it for our Saturday. =)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun day with the boy

Keenan and I visited Frank and Myrtle this morning. We hadn't been over there in a while, so it was nice to catch up. Myrtle brought out some strawberry frozen yogurt (that was soo good!) Keenan was a little beggar, and just kept going back and forth between Myrtle and I, gobbling it down as fast as we could spoon it into his mouth. (Later during his nap, he drooled pink on his crib sheet...) =)

Frank picked us some more beans to bring home. There's just nothing like fresh green beans!

While playing this morning, Keenan had these glasses on. I thought they made him look like a little mad scientist or something.. =)

You're interrupting my important work

Now what was I figuring... E=mc...

This afternoon, when Keenan was starting to get bored, I decided to let him color for a bit.

Notice how he's starting to horde the crayons in his left hand...

...turns out he can hold nine before he starts dropping them. =)

After coloring, it was time for....Play dough! I was trying to be brave, and just hope that it didn't end up all over his clothes, in his hair, up his nose etc... It went all right. =)

Come out, come out!


Ha ha! I knew I would win!

He doesn't like it when it sticks to his finger (like in this picture), he shakes and shakes his hand until the piece goes flying off somewhere

Keenan's hand print
(no, his middle finger isn't shorter than the rest, it's just how the print came out!) =)

Philip got home at a really good time this afternoon. Keenan and I were waiting for him in the driveway, and Keenan claimed his stethoscope as soon as possible.

He has his own stylish way of wearing it, too! =0)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another day...

Not a lot of happenings to share from today...

Keenan and I had a nice visit with Jodi this afternoon when she stopped in. We hadn't seen her in a while and Keenan was delighted to have someone new to entertain. =)

I got this birthday card in the mail today, and just Had to share it on here! =)


On the way to pick up Philip this evening, I got some pictures of the very pretty sky...

I think I've said this before, but clouds and sun beams like this always make me think of Heaven...

Philip says I shouldn't enhance nature pictures because that ruins the point... he Does have a good point, but I just couldn't resist having some fun with this one

When we got home, Keenan was asleep in his car seat. When Philip got him out of the car, Keenan snuggled on his shoulder (not something that happens a lot). Philip was on cloud nine... =)

"This is the bestest" he said

Philip has one more day at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, and then next week starts a four week rotation at Sacred Heart in Pensacola! That's an hour and fifteen minute drive one way! =0/ We're not really looking forward to that...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Pie

Keenan and I spent some time shopping and just hanging out at Wal-Mart this afternoon, while we waited for Philip to be finished at the Fort Walton Beach hospital. I was browsing in the shoe section, and came across these... They're like little fuzzy mukluks! (We didn't buy them, just tried them on)

The funniest thing to me was that they're for sale in Florida!

They are pretty cute (a little girly though, perhaps)

Before going home, we made a quick stop at the Eglin splash pad for Keenan to cool off and burn some energy. I didn't even have to get wet, we just sat on the bench and he ran all around, getting soaked, trying to drink the water out of the sprayers, and staring at the other kids. =)

When we got home, there was a homemade Banana Cream Pie in my fridge!! Funny story... a couple days ago, Philip had randomly asked me what my favorite dessert was (almost making it sound like he had plans to make one himself). I wasn't really sure, since I just Love dessert, period. I Do love banana cream pie though, and my mom had just mentioned making one not long ago, so it was still fresh in my mind. (However, apparently, his secretive emailing was to let Jodi know, since she had asked) Anyway, Jodi had made it for the girl's lunch today, to surprise me for my birthday (along with a card signed by all the girls), but then Keenan and I ended up not going because he has a cough! =0/ But I still got my pie though... Thank you, Jodi! (They did eat some for dessert before she brought it, which is good, because I definitely shouldn't eat a Whole pie) I might have pictures from Andrea of the whole pie in the next couple of days...

Well, Keenan needs to get to bed, and Philip and I are going to watch National Treasure 2 and eat some pie!!!

Simon Update

If any of you are wondering about how little Simon (in Mexico) is doing since his eye operation, check out Andrew's blog here

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank You!

Since I have taken no pictures today, and nothing uber exciting has happened on this, my second day as a 27 year old... I just want to use today's post to say thank you.

Thank you to all of you who left comments on the blog yesterday (it's nice to hear from "old faithfuls" as well as some newbies!) Also, thank you to anyone who sent me snail mail cards, ecards, and conveyed birthday wishes via email or the phone.. It truly was a fabulous day, and you all helped make it even better. =)

Just thought I'd add this funny quote I came across:

"When I turned two I was really anxious, because I’d doubled my age in a year. I thought, if this keeps up, by the time I’m five I’ll be 64."

On a side note... Woohoo for the Red Wings up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup finals! Philip and I came across a hilarious game online a couple days ago, called "Whack a Penguin" (a Red Wings yeti would swing at falling Pittsburgh Penguins and see how far he could hit them... pretty funny stuff). Well, anyway, my point is, they have come out with another, even more fun game today, called "Penguin Darts", I think. Check it out for some laughs! (My score was 551)
Click here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A great birthday...

My day started with a handsome, apron-clad waiter coming into my bedroom (oh, I forgot to say, he was my Husband!) with a breakfast menu for me to choose from. There were four different egg choices, and I could also choose toast or a bagel, (with any number of toppings on it/them), I could decide how many sausages I wanted, what beverage I wanted, as well as pick a side! What service! With the menu came an adorable birthday card from my boys. =) (Parasailing was my birthday present, but the day still held much fun for me as it went on...)

After this, he left (hoping I'd go back to sleep). I couldn't really sleep any more, but did relax and read a couple magazines... pretty sweet. He then went and got Keenan up, changed him, and gave him breakfast before starting on preparations for mine.

It was interesting, lying there, being lazy, listening to the sounds. Every now and then I'd hear Keenan running around, or giggling, or banging on something. I heard the hand vacuum come on twice (what for?? I wondered...), the fridge door opened and closed a lot, the oven timer went off, I could hear eggs sizzling, and smell the sausages... mmmm. Aaaahhh... Just lying there without a care in the world. Happy Birthday to ME!!

After a while, the aforementioned handsome waiter returned with a tray, then juice, and some flowers. After this, was my plate, filled with Tons of good food! Breakfast in bed at it's finest... (My mom has never liked breakfast in bed, but as I thought about it today, I figure it's probably because she didn't just have my dad making it, there were five "little people" helping, so she may have had cold, burnt toast, runny eggs, charred bacon .. and then someone may have jumped up on the bed and spilled her juice in her lap, or knocked her bacon into the sheets.. who knows - I'm sure she has her reasons.) One day I may feel the same, but for now, I'm "Lovin' it!"

I could totally get used to this...

Yum diddly!

After breakfast, Keenan and I stayed in the bed and played hide and seek under the sheets, sang songs, and played This little piggy, while Philip cleaned up the kitchen (he said he was afraid for me to see it). =)

After that, Philip made himself some breakfast... and I discovered, after three and a half years of marriage to this man, that he can make an Omelet!! I have personally Never made an omelet, and until this very morning, had No idea that He could make one!! I watched with my own two eyes, and indeed, he really did know how! Well, after the great breakfast And the omelet lesson, I told him he's in trouble now, because I know what he's capable of! LOL!

Next I checked my email and read birthday messages and fun ecards from several people before taking a nap while Keenan took one. (During this time, my stealthy, thoughtful husband got on the blog and told the world it was my birthday, complete with some humorous pictures from my past...) =) I was thrilled when I discovered that he'd put in the thought and effort to collect the pictures to surprise me on the blog with a special birthday post.

Keenan anxious to get out of the house

This afternoon, after buying a couple inner tubes, we headed over to Turkey Creek. It's a very popular place in the summer to swim and float down the creek. We've swam a couple times, but had never done the floating thing, so we decided to give it a try. We discovered that the 3/4 mile walk to the end of the boardwalk seems a Lot longer when carrying Keenan the entire way. =) We got there, inflated the tubes, got in the water (after some temperature shock for Philip), and were on our way....

It was SO much fun! Keenan Loved it, and we all had a good time (especially after Philip took over the steering and maneuvering of Keenan's little floaty... after a slight mishap that ended with Keenan and I off in some low hanging trees!) =) Keenan was quite the novelty to anyone we passed, as he's probably one of the youngest to "take on the Turkey". =) The current was much swifter than we had thought, so we were moving along at a pretty good pace. The curves usually took a little more work to try and stay in the middle, but it was a blast! Keenan started to get a little bit cold towards the end, so we will probably start at a closer point next time. What a great, inexpensive (admission to the park is free and our inner tubes cost $2.39 each!) way to spend a sunny afternoon! I think we'll be doing this a Lot! We have no pictures from the actual trip down the creek (for obvious reasons), but here we are after the fact!

A good time had by all

...and just because... This picture is titled "How to tell if you're your mother's favorite"
My brothers all think I'm the spoiled one, so I'm sure they all think that the one the mom is stepping on represents Them, and I'm the one getting the food! =)

Philip has spent a lot of time working on the yard the last couple days. This evening Keenan and I went out to help him clean up some of the big stuff he had dug out...

Even Keenan pulled his share

Philip digging (yet another) Huge bush-like weed out from behind an actual bush

Keenan's not to sure about this prickly ride...

Yes, folks, these are pink and orange checkered work gloves! =0)

Such a big helper

Heading in

After getting cleaned up, we had soft tacos for dinner (which Philip and I both Love), and then I had my "birthday cake" (aka yummy ice cream sandwich). I haven't put any makeup on all day, and figured the tiara and boa would help give me a little "glam appeal" (maybe not). Anyhow, the three candles represent my life in nine year sections.

It's been a great birthday!!

Happy Birthday Joia!

I didn't think Joia would get around to posting until this evening, but by then it's too late for everyone to wish her happy birthday on the actual day. I know she had a number of e-mails and e-cards waiting for her when she got up from sleeping in a little bit while Keenan and I made breakfast. I don't really think she slept very well knowing that Keenan and I were loose in the kitchen. The occasional loud crashing noise didn't help much either. Anyway, to celebrate her 27 years so far, here are a few pictures from her life...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All's (pretty) quiet on the home front

I haven't taken a single picture today (well, not any of people, just some of the yard, so Philip can see if he's actually making a difference out there).

Today has been a very lazy day for the most part. Keenan woke up with a nasty cold and runny nose this morning, so we've pretty much been staying close to home base, so he can get lots of naps.

Since I don't have much to post about us, I'll update you on some family happenings with my "peeps" up in Canada.

My oldest brother, Tim, his wife, Stephanie, and their three (adorable) daughters, Mika, Shaelyn, and Kyla, are moving to Mexico in September! They have always been open to doing mission work wherever the Lord lead them, and have recently felt called to Hermosillo, Mexico. While we are excited for this new chapter in their lives, this is a Huge change for our whole family, as we are very close. Other than me way down here in the Sunshine State, the rest of my four siblings and parents all live within an hour of each other.

The cool thing though, is that we will all be spending a week long vacation together at a cottage on a lake up North at the end of July! Philip unfortunately won't be able to go (as he won't be leave eligible), but Keenan and I will fly up for the week. It should be an amazing time with fourteen of us in one house! =)

Even more fun, my younger brother, Andrew (25), will be flying down Here for about 8 days prior to that trip, and then will fly home the same day as Keenan and I and make the long drive from Detriot to the cottage with us. He hasn't been here in a year, since he helped us move in and do some initial renovations, so I'm Really excited to have him coming back! (This time, we'll try and let him have some fun, not work all the time!) =)

Well, it sounds like Keenan needs some help settling down... Goodnight all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great first day of the weekend

We have had a Wonderful first day of our holiday weekend so far!

We started the day by sleeping in (Keenan actually let us stay in bed until about 8:30). Then we had honey baked French toast with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. After a leisurely morning, we headed out for a picnic at Liza Johnson park in Fort Walton Beach.

We had a nice lunch in the shade, and then headed over to the playground...

Keenan with some ice as we were packing up lunch

My two boys at the top of the slide

Coming down

My handsome hubby =)

I Love Keenan's look here, he's soo excited about going down the slide again! =)

A hot little boy on his dad's shoulders after playing hard

Rinsing off under a spigot before heading home

When we got home, it was nap time, and then this afternoon, we headed over to the Niceville splash park for our first visit of the season. Keenan is in Love with it, and I think we will be visiting often this summer!
Keenan and I heading in..

This was one of Keenan's favorite parts (even though some of the bigger kids were a little mean)

He's so happy!

This one would shoot up and then disappear for a while, Keenan was very confused

Daddy made it come back =)

We're pretty sure Keenan would have played happily here for an hour at least, wandering around on his own, playing in the water and staring at people, without a care in the world or one thought about where we might be. =)

Now we're home for the evening, and will all sleep well tonight after all the fresh air and sunshine, I'm sure... =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

T.G.I. It's Friday!!

Philip was finished and home before 5:00 today!! Woohoo! It's also a three day weekend for us, so we are soo excited!

Keenan and I haven't done anything out of the ordinary today, and I hadn't even touched the camera before Philip came home, but decided to take some pictures of my two boys "roughhousing" together in the kitchen. Keenan loves it when Daddy comes home and "gets him". =) He's (for whatever reason) decided that the rug in the kitchen is a "safe zone", and he always goes and sits there when Philip is chasing him, it's pretty cute. =)

After dinner, Philip was reading an Engineering magazine from U of M, and Keenan came along and wanted Daddy to read him the "story", so Philip did! LOL!

"Hmmm... this isn't exactly what I was expecting... there aren't even very many pictures..."