Friday, April 18, 2008

We're home

After an awesome four days away, we are safely back home again. =) I had planned to get on the road really early this morning but.... I'm so lame, I ended up playing Guitar Hero last night for over an hour after the time I had planned to be in bed! (It's addicting!)

The drive took nine hours this time too, even without a flat tire. Keenan didn't nap as long, and was a little bored with his toys this time, so we had to make more stops. That was okay though, we weren't in a hurry, and with the time change, we gained an hour coming this way.

We stopped by the hospital to see Philip for a bit. He got called to the ER, but his senior was super nice and offered to go instead so we could spend some time together! =) The Red Wings were playing, so we watched some of the game in a conference room.

I think this picture is hilarious!

Keenan trying to drink out of Philip's cup

Keenan managed to injure himself three times while we were there, so we cut our visit short, came home, gave him a bath and some Tylenol and put the little soldier to bed. He's had such a long day...

I had planned to post all the pictures from this week tonight as well, but I'm sooo tired. I think it would be wise for me to go to bed instead, and post a picture recap tomorrow.


Flakymn said...

Joia, welcome home!!!! It's lonely without you around. :) And I realized I need more pictures to feel content.

Mom E said...

Still catching up......that photo of Philip watching t.v. with Keenan is a classic, especially since you can see that it's the Red Wings on t.v.!!! How funny is that!

Gosh, I miss you guys So much.

Love you.