Friday, April 25, 2008

Wendi's Baby Shower

Last night, we had a baby shower for Wendi at Jodi's house. Their little son is due to be born very soon in Fort Lauderdale, and we are all sooo excited! The party was attended by all seven of the wifia, as well as five of Wendi's friends from her neighborhood on base. It was a great time!

Cute flowers for the occasion

The amazing cookies that Jodi baked, so we could all take home a "favor bag"

The finished bags (good job, Tiffany!)

Chatting it up

The gifts

I Love this picture!

Opening the "lovey" that someone Made for her!

The whole bunch of us
back (l-r) Aimee, Pam, Andrea, Kristin, Johanna, Heather, Me
front- Wendi, Tiff, Jamie, Sarah, Jodi

Jamie, Sarah and Heather

The two pregos, Heather and Kristin (she's due the day before Wendi's baby!)

Wendi and I (Johanna was here too, but her eyes were closed)

We had amazing food, lots of laughs, and a great time all around! Come on out, baby boy!

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Tara said...

Joia! I'm impressed with your visitor-ship for being so new to blogging (you do a great job!). Thanks for taking such good care and showering affection on Wendi! I wish I could attend your fabulous showers and parties!