Thursday, April 17, 2008

VIsit coming to a close...

I had so much fun today!!

Jessica offered to watch Keenan for me today (along with her two), so Mom and I could go get pedicures! How awesome is she??

Mom and I had a great time. We stopped at Barney's for drinks and then went and had our deluxe pedicures. What a great early Mother's Day present for me! =) After we were finished, we sat in the massage chairs for a while before heading home.

This evening, Matt and Jessica came over again and we had a delicious dinner - chicken enchiladas with strawberry shortcake for dessert -yum!!

After dinner, we had lots of laughs and funny pictures as we all showed off our skills at Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero!! LOL!

Keenan and I are heading out in the morning. I probably won't post again until I'm back home.

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