Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring cleaning

It's been another rainy day. We got to visit with Erik and Andrea a bit at church this morning... the first time all four of us have been there at the same time! =)

This afternoon we've been doing some "spring cleaning". Philip starts two weeks of nights tomorrow, and there were several projects we wanted to work on before he's gone so much. Keenan took a super long nap late in the afternoon today, so were were able to dedicate several hours to organizing his clothes (from newborn to present) in bins and get them put away. I was surprised at the powerful emotions and memories that came over me as we went through his first "itty bitty" clothes... his tiny hat and shirt from the hospital, his precious first onesies, etc... It was like it was just today that we brought him home in those tiny clothes, not having a clue what we were getting ourselves into. =)

I also remembered who gave us each tiny little outfit and where Keenan wore it and who was there and Philip was amazed. He actually said something like, "I don't think those studies saying that moms get more forgetful are accurate, I think it's just that their brains are filled with little details like who gave you what, and what outfit Keenan wore to which occasion when he was first born, etc... instead of things like, where did I put the checkbook?"

Part way through the process.... We are blessed to have so many clothes! =)

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Mom W. said...

What a blessed little boy, but of course he doesn't have a clue, but his parents know how blessed he/they are... Love you, Mom