Thursday, April 17, 2008

Simon Update

Just got some news about Simon...

He has been to see two specialist already and they have confirmed he has three cancerous tumors in his eye. His eye will have to be removed and replaced with a glass one. He will obviously never see out of that eye again.

We are all very thankful that his situation is not life-threatening. Praise the Lord!

He has to see two more specialist to check whether there is a tumor in the brain, but one of the doctors already said that it is only a 1% chance there will be. Pray he is part of the 99%.

There are more scans and tests that are going to have to be done to the brain to confirm there is no tumor in there as well.

Please pray for wisdom for these doctors as they take the tests and scans and analyze them.

The family has expressed their thanks to all who are praying.

Here is Simon


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that it isn't life-threatening. We will still continue to pray for this precious boy and his family as they adjust to the changes he is going through. Love, Jessica P.S. Miss you! Come back!! =)