Saturday, April 26, 2008

She's Here!

Yay! Laura made it safely here! She had a good day of travel with no complications or delays. I'm so excited that she's finally here!

This afternoon, we went to the beach (pictures to be posted tomorrow since Blogger is being a bum tonight), and then came home and did some work around the house and yard today. This evening, I suddenly realized that I was quickly running out of time before I needed to pick Laura up, Keenan still needed to be put to bed, I still had tons of stuff to clean up around the house, and I only had an hour left!

I quickly enlisted Philip's help with cleaning up and got Keenan to bed. As soon as I did that, Philip got a call that one of his patients had gone into labor! (The same one that I talked to at the Commissary today) =) Anyway, that added some stress to the evening, since he needed to be able to get to the hospital right away if she was getting close. So... I ended up borrowing a car from Frank and Myrtle (bless their hearts) to go pick Laura up from the airport. In case Philip needed to leave while I was gone, he'd have to get Keenan out of bed, take him to the hospital with him, and have the nurses watch him while he did the delivery! Thankfully, that wasn't necessary, and I just took him in when I got back.

Well, Laura and I have lots of catching up to do, see you tomorrow!

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