Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pool and the beach

Yesterday afternoon I got Keenan's pool out again. Since the hose was the most fun last time, I draped it over a chair so it sprinkled down into the pool. He loved that. =)

Studly on his way to the pool

He's pretty easily amused... like his mom =)

He also liked trying to catch the spray when I turned it on harder
(notice his perfectly centered mosquito bite.. poor guy)

He also enjoyed "helping me" clean out the bathroom cupboards. He discovered that the one in the guest bathroom is actually quite spacious when empty. I think he would have been thrilled if I had left it empty so he could use it as his own personal fort. =)

Beverage of choice? A huge bottle of Crest mouthwash! (just kidding)

We had the girl's lunch at the beach again today. I made chocolate chip walnut cookies this morning.

Yes, I made more than three! =)

Keenan very serious about the potato chip he's eating

"Hey Mom, I found the world's coolest rock! Can I keep it?"

What can I say?

He LOVES the water (and drank about a gallon of it, as well as trying to drown himself and freaking me out!)

Pretty Della

I thought this one was fun

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