Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playdate with Mommy

After Philip went back in to work, Keenan and I were on base this evening doing some running around, so we went and played at the park for a while.

Playing me a song

I thought this was a fun shot

Getting ready to swing

...and here we go!

Keenan trying to do it himself

Walking across the "wiggly bridge"

Gettin' back up

One of his favorite things was crawling back and forth across this barrier

In the big swing

Here's a funny video of Keenan swinging

So far Philip's first week of nights has gone really well (for all of us). Even though it has been much easier than in the past, Keenan and I are still thinking we'll head out of town for a few days next week. We haven't seen Philip's family in Merritt Island for a while, and they really miss Keenan, so we're probably going to drive down (seven hours) on Monday and return on Friday. It'll be nice to get to spend some time with Mom and Jeff and Philip's siblings, Isaac, Erik and Jessica (and her husband Matt) and catch up with our two nephews (who are growing and changing soo much) as well!


Anonymous said...

ok - so as someone who has stumbled ont your blog from a friends (flakymn) I want to know how to say your name - can we please have a tutorial :) ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

like happy- joy?
or is the j silent? or is it pronounced as a h?

Joia said...

My name is pronounced "joy-uh" the j is not silent. In Spanish it is pronounced "hoia" and means "precious jewel"

Thanks for reading!