Friday, April 4, 2008

Playdate at the park

Before the park...

Last night was "book club" night, although only four of us could make it, and not a word was said about the book! LOL! We Did have a great time though, and some good food at the new Giuseppi's Wharf.Keenan and I went to the Niceville Children's park today for our first ever play date with MOPS! The weather looked pretty yucky when we headed out, but ended up being fine, and there were several sunbursts through the clouds during the time that we were there.

Already figured out how to climb a slide

Keenan and his friend, Tucker (they're in the same "class" at MOPS)

Sweet boys

This one just makes me smile

Taking a break (after falling down for the hundredth time)

Big walking boy

With a pretty flower he found (he doesn't seem to think it's very pretty though)

Eating some yummy chocolate chip cookies from Vanessa (he had chocolate Everywhere!)

Three of my MOPS friends (l-r), Robin, Jen and Vanessa

Very interested in the "big boy" using the water fountain

(Sigh) If only I was big enough to use that...

"Yay, Mom!"

I think we may have a future rock climber here...
(Good news, huh Andrew?)

I just thought this was really sweet - they just stood there and studied each other for a minute

Striking a pose

Man, I love this little boy =)

Driving the playground set

Tucker and Keenan following the bigger kids up to the slide

....which was why I decided to quickly climb up onto the set and get Keenan to a safer place, when... BAM!! I bashed my forehead off of a metal bar (that spot was obviously meant for a smaller person to navigate through). So... in an effort to keep Keenan "safe", I injured myself! LOL! Good job, Mommy!

My "boo boo"
(I'm really hoping I don't get a huge purple bruise or something!) =0/


Anonymous said...

wow that looks like it hurt. im hurt too. i tore all the ligaments in my neck at work so dont feel so bad lol. those pics of keenan are great. he is really photogenic(however you spell that)
take care

Anonymous said...

those pictures of Keenan are so cute...and all his funny faces!!
Ouch on the forehead!! Gotta watch out for those low places!! LOL

Flakymn said...

Oh man Joia!!! If it makes you feel any better, this is something that has happened to me, oh, about 97 times -- 2 times in the same bathroom at my college where the bar over the stall was set up for people much smaller than me. I saw stars fer real!

Vanessa S said...

I felt so bad for you - that's a wicked boo boo! Hope it's feeling a little better now and not bright purple!
These photos are great of Tuck and Keenan. I think they had a ball together. Hope to do it again soon, sans the bump/bruise.