Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures from the Beach yesterday

Yesterday, after the retreat ended around noon, all the families joined up with the doctors at the Ramada resort and went to the beach.

The boys playing in the sand

Keenan and I headed over to the splash park pretty quickly. I was a little worried that the waves on the Gulf were a little big for Keenan, and wasn't looking forward to him getting all covered in sand...

The splash park

He Loved the splash park!

Happy boy

Philip trying to spray Keenan

It's raining on me!

We love Florida!

Philip took some pictures of the volleyball game going on. He used the "rapid fire" setting, and when you look at them all together, it's like watching a little movie! =) Here's a couple great shots from the game...

John doing some pretty impressive ball handling backwards!

The ball, one second before being served

Wendi and Clay jumping for the ball

Bill in the air

Another great Wendi shot

We did head back over to the beach for a little bit before going home... Keenan did have a swim diaper full of sand in seconds... =)

Keenan and I enjoying the waves

This is the life...

Back in he goes...

Big wave coming...

...evacuated just in time!

(Keenan was a little upset that he couldn't get the potato chips out of the bag by himself)

While working in the yard, we realized that we had a Ton of wild raspberries! Unfortunately, even though they're fruit bearing, they had to go, since we eventually want a "baby safe" yard...

I ate a bunch, they weren't bad!

When Daddy's not around...

Keenan, wearing my hair band, with lip balm in one hand, and attempting to "eat" a small bottle of perfume!

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