Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pictureless post

Well, it looks like pictures from this week will have to wait until I get home!

Keenan and I made the trip yesterday in nine hours, with four scheduled stops. He did Really well in the car (I think the forward facing seat made a huge difference), and took several naps too. I enjoyed getting my dose of country music on the radio, without Philip around. =)

It was a nice drive actually, Florida is a pretty state, especially now that everything is green again!

At one point, I merged into the left lane, since there was a semi on the shoulder, and ended up hitting a big "gator" (no, not the four legged kind, the shredded piece of tire kind). It made quite a loud "thump" on the bottom of the car, and I was worried that it might have torn something off! All was well though...

In the afternoon, around 5:30 or so, the car suddenly started making a really loud noise, and I thought "Shoot! That gator messed up the exhaust system!" I pulled over, looked under the car, but nothing seemed to dragging or out of place. When I stood up, I realized immediately what the issue was though, my front right tire was flat!!

I reached in and grabbed my cell phone, and noticed that the screen said "No Service". Great!! =0/ I was in a bit of a valley, so it must have been a bad spot for reception. I figured I knew the basics of changing a tire, but hadn't ever done it by myself and didn't feel very confident about it (especially since Keenan had just woken up, and he'd be in the car by himself). Fortunately my cell reception came back and I called Philip, who suggested I call AAA. When I was on the phone with the woman there, it kept cutting out on me, and I couldn't even understand her questions, and wasn't even able to give her a very specific location, since I wasn't near a mile marker, and didn't know what the last exit was.

I hung up and called Philip back, and he gave me a brief tutorial on how to use the GPS function on my cell phone. He was going to figure out where I was and see if we had some coverage through our insurance company. At that point, I had decided I was just going to change it myself (a girl who grew up with four brothers Really should be able to change her own tire). I had opened the trunk, unloaded all of our stuff, got the spare tire and jack out, and was back in the car on the phone with Philip when a Sheriff's deputy pulled up behind me.

He was the nicest man ever and offered to change the tire for me! I gladly accepted, and he even showed me exactly where to position the jack and everything, so I would know how to do it myself the next time. Keenan was on my lap, watching with great interest too. =)

Finally we were back on our way, with the "donut" on. I still had over 100 miles to go and could now only go 60 miles an hour. Other than one more stop (where I had someone put some more air in the tire - it only had half the pressure it should have!), the rest of the trip was uneventful.

We were happy to be here and Mom and Jeff and Isaac were happy to see us. Keenan did really well and didn't have any problem getting used to them again after not seeing them for three and a half months.

So... that's our travel story!

We both got a great night's sleep, and have had a great visit today with Philip's sister, Jessica, and her two boys, Reagan and Hudson.


Flakymn said...

Oh yikes!!! I was going to say that some fellow should stop for a hot babe on the highway working by herself! Yay for the sherrif! :)

Heather said...

I'm glad everything worked out! I'm sure it would have been a teensy bit frustrating to change a tire yourself with Keenan there.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! It sounds like something that would happen to me - I'm so glad you are arrived ok and things are good! hope you have a great time there and refresh yourself before my visit :)

Joia said...

Wendi, if there had Been a hot babe in the question that is... but, there was just me! =)

Tara said...

Joia, I'm glad you made it safely! Having terrible luck w/ tires, I've gotten SEVERAL flats and STILL wouldn't be able to do this on my own. Thank goodness for cell phones!