Sunday, April 27, 2008


Philip (despite being extremely sleep deprived after delivering a baby early this morning and spending the night at the hospital) was super nice and watched Keenan today so Laura and I could get out for some "girl time". Yay Philip!

First, we went to Big City American Bistro in Fort Walton Beach for their famous Sunday brunch. I had never been there, and absolutely Loved the open, "fresh feeling" atmosphere and the huge variety of food! (When our waitress brought our drinks she said, "People want to know why you're taking pictures..." LOL! I think they thought I was a food critic or something... I just admitted that I was a crazy blogger who took pictures of Everything. She seemed fine with that). =)

Some of my favorites were the Spinach and artichoke soup, the seasoned potatoes, the ribs, the salmon, the (super fresh) danishes, and of course the desserts.

This was the first brunch I'd been to where they had so much non breakfast food

Salads, etc..

(the chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes were good and the cream puffs were excellent)


After attempting to go twice during Laura's last visit (and got canceled once because of the weather and another time because of mechanical issues with the boat)... Laura and I have finally successfully gone parasailing for the first time! We had a Blast!!

Just before we flew

Heading out into the gulf (shortly after seeing some dolphins Right beside the boat!)

All harnessed up and ready to go

Off we go!


It was the Coolest feeling being up there! We totally expected it to be really windy, and loud, but it was actually surprisingly peaceful and quiet... we were just sitting there, swaying along, in the quiet, several hundred feet over the water. It was strange to see birds fly by Underneath us!

We had 600 feet of rope

Coming back in

...and safely back on board

I love this picture of us =)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That looks like SO MUCH fun!!!
Have a great visit, girls!

Anonymous said...

that looks so fun! haha im not copying what my mom wrote she just beat me to it lol. But laura im glad to see that you got better weather then we did haha. hope you guys have a great visit!
take care

Anonymous said...

So glad the weather cooperated for you to go parasailing. It looks like you both had a blast! What a fun girls outing!