Thursday, April 10, 2008

Morning at MOPS

I overslept this morning, and Keenan woke me up half an hour before we were supposed to be out the door to MOPS! I rushed around the house, getting him ready, Philip came in the door from work and gave Keenan his breakfast, and we were off! When I dropped him off in the nursery, one of the other moms pointed out that his shorts were on backwards! LOL! =)

Here are a couple pictures that Jen took while we were in MOPS (it's kind of nice to know what he was up to while I was upstairs). =)

Playing with a fun toy

He and his buddy, Tucker

For our craft today, we painted plant pots, and then got to bring it home full and ready to grow a plant!

Me working on my pot

Me with Tammy and Courtney

After MOPS, Keenan and I went to the park with a bunch of the other moms and kids (I don't have pictures because I forgot my camera). We didn't stay very long though because Keenan was pretty tired, and was getting really dirty because I'd forgotten his shoes at home.

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