Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lunch at the beach

Today the wifia had our lunch at the little beach on Eglin, Postal Point. Other than it being overcast (until we left) and a little bit chilly, we had a great time! We hadn't seen Johanna and her kids in a while, and they showed up today, so it was nice to catch up with them. We're thinking about going there whenever the weather is nice in the summer, instead of always having it at someone's house. This way one of us doesn't have to stress about having our house clean, and all the moms don't have to worry about their kid making a mess or breaking something at someone else's house. Here are some pictures (steal away, Wendi!)

Keenan and I

Andrea, Wendi, William and Tiffany

Keenan headed (at full speed) down the beach towards the water
He made this trip Multiple times while we were there, but I managed to keep him out of the water and relatively clean =)

Jonathan having a chat with Keenan

Kiara, Keenan and William

Keenan and I are headed to Destin for the evening soon with our friends the Sheridans. Will report on that later...

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