Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long time no ride bike

Philip and I haven't ridden our bikes since we moved here. I used to ride my bike quite a lot, and Philip used his every day during most of medical school, but since we had Keenan, we haven't been able to ride our bikes together, since we had no way to bring him along.

That is no longer the case. While I was gone, Philip ordered one of those "baby bike trailers", or whatever they're called on ebay. It came Friday and he assembled it yesterday. After buying Keenan his own little (adorable) Diego helmet, we took it for a spin last night. It's so fun!

Getting Keenan (and Bunny) all strapped in

Pretty cool little chariot

I had to put a band aid on Keenan's knee, because he had scraped it falling on Philip's bike before we left. Before I got to it, he had gotten blood on Bunny (poor Bunny, he has put up with Keenan's spit up, blood, sweat and tears in their time together!) Since it was bedtime for Keenan and I didn't have time to wash and dry Bunny in time.... I pulled one of the "reserve Bunnies" out! It's soo clean and SOFT! When I first gave it to Keenan, he Totally knew it wasn't his Bunny, he just kept feeling the body and the ears over and over. =)

"Boy, I sure hope Bunny doesn't find out about this!"


When we parked at Kmart last night (where we bought the helmet), I got out of the car, and immediately heard a little kid crying. I looked over, and a couple parking spots away was a little girl in her carseat in the back of an EMPTY car. I was sooo mad! How could someone do that? That is so wrong, and so dangerous! No, it wasn't sweltering out, and the windows were down a little bit, but there is still no good reason that should ever happen. As we were walking into the store, I asked Philip if we should have taken down the license plate number and reported them or something. He also felt bad, but said, "I don't know, I don't think it's Illegal." It should be!!

Best thing I've eaten today

A cold glass of Whole milk (we buy it for Keenan and had run out of our 1%) and a fresh, gooey brownie! Mmmm...

Confession from the kitchen (maybe the last one should have been titled this! LOL!)

When I made the brownies this morning, I ran out of cocoa, so I substituted hot chocolate powder for the rest! =) They actually turned out fine!

Here are some more pictures from my visit with family this week...

My nephew, Hudson, chillin' in Keenan's chair

...and the sweet baby again

Me with Keenan and Reagan

Reagan talking to Keenan through a cool "underground phone" thing at the park

"Reagan, are you in there?"


Anonymous said...

hey guys! well it is definitly elligall in canada to leave your kid in the car with no one in it. so im sure that the law down there would pretty much be the same. i would have been mad too.

Mom W. said...

That is so distressing about the little girl in the car. She was probably sleeping when they left but how awful for her to wake up and be alone and what about kidnapping which happens a lot and what about if it's all locked up and somebody else needed to getting in because the car was on fire or something??? I don't understand it. I think I would be tempted to wait and give the parent(s) a lecture...

The bike trailer looks really fun.

Mom W. said...

PS, Hudson is very cute!!!