Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jus' chillin

Philip is finally home during the day for a couple days - Yay! When he went to bed this morning, Keenan and I headed over to visit with Andrea and Jonathan for a while (since Erik was on call). Keenan loved playing with all of Jonathan's toys (and sneaking up the stairs when we weren't looking!) =)

Here's him in the bath last night. We decided that he's outgrown his (Rubbermaid bin) "little tub" and could now use the whole tub (with a non slip mat). He seems to really like the extra room to splash.

I love this one

We had a pretty relaxed afternoon, doing some stuff around the house, and watching some of the Masters. Poor Tiger...

This is Keenan's "Canadian" shirt (how much more Canadian can you get than a moose playing hockey???) that he got for his birthday from Denise! =)

For supper, we went to the Old Mexico restaurant that recently opened up close to us. We aren't connoisseurs of Mexican food by any means, but we thought it was really good! Great prices too!

The waiter took this at kind of a funny angle and almost cut Philip out!

Just for laughs, here's a picture of me from our photo booth gallery from a while ago:

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