Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy family

I decided it was time for a new look on the blog. Philip was happy with the color change, he said I needed to "manly up" the blog a bit. =) This picture is one I took at the beach in Destin a few weeks ago. It really does show why it's called the "Emerald Coast"!

Philip actually got a pretty good amount of sleep on his shift last night - woohoo! While Keenan and I went to Bible study this morning, he slept, and then Keenan and I both had a nap when we got home. Around 1:30, Philip joined us, and we spent a fun afternoon at the park. There must be something about that park... I "stayed safe" this time, but Keenan fell and scraped his nose and cheek up pretty badly. =0/ (My face is actually back to normal today, yay!) On the way home we stopped at DQ and split a Tin Roof Blizzard between the three of us. =)

Keenan on his favorite thing again

In the tunnel (I couldn't get him to go in this for anything last time we were there!)

Enjoying a leisurely swing...


Anonymous said...

I like the new colour, it looks great!! That looks like one of the pictures we took of the seagulls when K. and I were there?
Love the the pics of Keenan!

Joia said...

Cheryl, that's correct, this was taken when Keenan and I were at the beach with you guys!

Heather said...

I like the colours Joia -- very nice!