Monday, April 21, 2008

Great start to the week

Today is a gorgeous, 81 degree day. Keenan isn't feeling too well, but we had a nice visit with Frank and Myrtle this afternoon. While I was there, Philip called on my cell, and said that he was ready for me to pick him up before 3:00! He and Keenan are both taking naps now. Philip is still trying to get back on a regular sleeping schedule, he didn't get to sleep until 3 last night!

Keenan loves wearing Philip's hat around the house

"Sweeping" at Frank and Myrtle's (a.k.a. dragging the broom around and tripping over it)

A beautiful butterfly on some of their flowers

Keenan getting a ride

More prettiness...

...and still more pictures from last week at Mom and Jeff's: (hopefully there's no repeats)

Taking a walk at the park

My little travel partner

Ready to go down the slide

Rub a dub dub, three boys in the tub...

Keenan giving Reagan a ride in the stroller

Mom and I at Barnies Coffee

Keenan making music

Me (not looking all that cool) doing Dance Dance Revolution

Grandpa Jeff and Keenan

Playing Guitar Hero

Matt and Hudson

Jessica, Mom and I


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for the bubbles! lol! =) Love, Jessica

Mom E said...

Yay!! I was wondering where the photos of guitar hero, DDR, Barnies, 3 boys in a tub, Gr'pa Jeff etc. were!! BTW, did you remember that the Gr'pa Jeff photo was him making Keenan imitate his father's famous dance moves? LOL. LOL. LOL.

I really like the sepia look you use on some of the photos. It's amazing how it changes it and even makes it look better. Jessica is too funny w/ her "bubble comment".

I Miss you guys So much!!!