Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting ready to leave

We've spent the day at home, relaxing, and getting ready for Keenan and I to go to Merritt Island tomorrow. It's a seven hour drive (without stops), and will be the longest I've Ever done by myself (even without a baby), so prayers would be appreciated!!

With the weather forecast calling for cooler weather the next few days, I'm happy to be headed further South! =) I think Keenan and I (though we'll really miss Philip), will have a really fun few days visiting with family, and maybe going to the beach.

We're heading out soon for our Lifegroup in Niceville. We haven't been able to go every week, but really enjoy the study, and the new friends we've made.

Since I haven't taken any pictures today, I'm going to subject you to some more photo booth ones...Square head.... deep in thought

Look at what I got for the thousands of dollars my parent's paid the dentist!

Cute Father and Son picture
(this was taken quite a while ago)

Yes, good looks do run in our family...


Mom W. said...

Looks like you need to delete something ^here^ eh? Have a good trip, praying... hi to all. Love, Mom

Mom E said...

I am going backwards trying to catch up on the blogs I haven't read and came across this one. The one of your teeth is hysterical.......well, they are All hysterical, but that one just cracked me up for some reason. You are such a great fit in our family! Funny, wacky and spontaneous!

Mom E.