Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Evening with the Sheridans

The Sheridan's graciously invited Keenan and I along this evening when they went to visit Laura's parents at their time share near Destin. Laura's parents are super nice and are staying in a really pretty place with Lots of space. We had a delicious dinner (tacos with some great home made toppings), and then went for a swim in one of the beautiful pools. It was heated, so it was still warm enough to swim after dark.

The view from their balcony (that's the Gulf in the distance across the road)

Nathan, Keenan and Anna

Me, Keenan, Laura and Anna

Keenan in his cool floaty pool toy

This last picture was taken this afternoon after Keenan woke up from his nap (a little too early I think). He was soo cuddly!
I Love it when he's like this...

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