Friday, April 25, 2008

Evening with friends

Philip has been in Okaloosa Island all day today for the first part of retreat with the rest of his residency. They've been reviewing the year and the various rotations, to see what's working well and what changes need to be made. Once they all finished, the spouses and families met up with them for dinner.

We were at Anglers on the beach. It was a little hectic, and Keenan was sort of crabby, but we got to visit a little bit with some of our friends.

I thought this was cute

Keenan expertly drinking out of Philip's straw


After dinner, we took a walk out on the pier. A Lot of people fish off of it. (We met one of the nurses from Eglin who had been out there with a cople other people since 7:30 this morning!) It was really pretty.
It's pretty long

Pretty waves

Keenan checking out the water way below

Philip proudly wore his Red Wings hat today after their win over the Colorado Avalanche last night =)

(LOL, I just noticed Bunny peeking out of the backpack!)

This dude sure wasn't shy!

Us with the beach in the background

Other random news:

The Vice President flew into Eglin today. He's here for some fund raiser in Fort Walton Beach. (I thought I might have even seen Air Force Two fly over!)

My friend, Laura, will be here in a little over 24 hours! I'm so excited! She's flying down from Ontario again to spend six days with me! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Keenan looks so grown up, walking in his big boy shoes!! And that's an awesome picture of that got so close!! I've been trying every summer to get a picture of one of those, but they're shy up here in Canada!!

Anonymous said...

That one shot of the pier looks almost identical to the one in Sweeney Todd

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice shirt Phil! =) Love, Jess