Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Evening at the park

Last night we all needed a break from the house to get some fresh air. Keenan especially, needed to get out and do something to take his mind off of how crummy he feels. A trip to the park on the water was just the right thing!

Philip and Keenan after a ride down the slide

Chillin' on the play equipment

You can't see it here, but Keenan also has his hand on this wheel, after a brief "showdown" between the two boys after the one on the left came and pushed Keenan away from it. =)

Swingin' with Daddy

I darkened this and the silhouettes turned out really well


Pointing at an airplane flying over

Keenan greeting a cute puppy that stopped by

He looks like he's crying, but he's really giggling and rubbing his cheek where the puppy gave him a kiss! =)
Family pictures by the water


Mom E said...

I Loved the photos esp. the one you marked "precious". I miss that boy So very much.... you too of course! :-)

Tara said...

yes, great shots of keenan (and you guys!) :) i am a bit behind but loved the pics below, too, with "scrunchy face."