Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another fun day...

This morning, Laura came with me to my Bible study at the Sheridan's. After lunch, while Keenan napped, Laura and I made enchiladas for a MOPS mom, and then visited Sonic on our way to Fort Walton Beach. We did a bit of shopping, and then I decided to let Keenan cool off at the splash park at Uptown Station. He loved it!
Philip joined us this evening for a "stylishly late" dinner at Guiseppi's Wharf.

Keenan and his goofy glasses

We thought he looked like a toothless old man here

Keenan at the splash park

Where did the water go?

Definitely not afraid to get wet

I love the look on his face here

Prancing around in the "oh so soft grass" at Uptown Station

Diva Laura

Out for dinner at Giuseppi's Wharf (thanks Laura... you bum!)

Laura and I with a salty old sailor

He seemed kind of sad

The dock behind the restaurant


Mom W. said...

Looks like you are having a great time with Laura. That parasailing is amazing.

Love you all, Mom

Mom E said...

I Loved those glasses and well, I love Any pics of my cute little grandson! Still missing you guys being here! Love, Mom

P.S. Hi Laura! So glad you're there to do fun stuff with Joia.