Thursday, April 24, 2008

Be patient...

I'm heading out to MOPS soon, and won't be back until after 12 (Central Time). Number 10,000 will have to wait to be acknowledged till then. =)


Anonymous said...

Pick me! I'm it.
Luv ya, A/M

eMom :-) said...

Jessica is standing here and she's So jealous because I am # 10,000 according to the counter anyway! But, you can send her all the goodies she requested as being the winner.... and since she IS standing right here, it counts for her too. How's that for logic?! lol.

We are going CVS'ing today. She's Trying to teach me how to do it. Quite complex, but I'll get it eventually. Too bad you don't have a CVS. It's quite involved but lots of money saving ideas. If you ever get one nearby, ask Jessica how to do it. There's even a website for it at Too funny. Wish you were here so we could all go together.


Anonymous said...

my counter also says 10,000!
Hmmmm, I wonder who?

Anonymous said...

I'm 10, 000!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I think your counters' broken ...I just read every one elses' messages, I feel dumb - oh well I'm coming to see you soon, that's a good reward :)

Joia said...

Ladies, not sure what the deal with the counter was, but Mom and Jess won fair and square. Aunt Mary, sorry, looks like the closest hit from Michigan was 10,002.