Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April (heat) brings May... (scorcher?)

Today is the first day this year that I wished we had the A/C on. It was 78 outside (26 Celsius) and 75 in the house. Since we haven't lived here in April before, I had no idea it would be this warm this early in the year!

We had another great lunch and visit with the wifia at Tiff's house today. The food was all Really good! Tiff made French Dip sandwiches, Wendi made a green bean casserole, Jodi brought a salad, Andrea brought fresh fruit and dip and I made a strawberry mousse.
Keenan fell asleep on the way home (this was the first time his exhaustion has been able to overcome his excitement at being in his new seat!)

I bought Keenan a little pool this afternoon. He does have the inflatable pool from last summer, but this one is smaller and easier to fill and empty.

This is the life - notice the water drops in the air all around Keenan!

He spent as much time playing outside of the pool as in it

Drinking out of the hose

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