Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keenan's girlfriend

Laura has watched Keenan several times for me, while I've dropped Philip off at work, picked him up, or needed to run on base for something. He really likes her!

This is so sweet... he was being all snuggly after his nap

I love this one =)

Here's a very giggly Keenan and his crazy Mom

Here's Keenan and Laura, (while I was gone)

Wifia lunch

Laura and I hosted the lunch here today. We decided to make a fun dessert, and then have everyone make appetizers to bring. The food was all sooo good, and went together really well! Tiffany brought a super good cucumber dip with veggies and chips, Wendi brought fruit, Jodi brough mini quiches and sausage biscuits, Sarah brought fresh bread and dipping oil, Andrea made a great artichoke and chile dip, and Laura and I made a cheesy pesto pizza. We all had a really great time!


The other night, Laura and I poured over food magazines for Quite some time, trying to decide what to make for dessert for today. Laura found this ice cream cake, and we decided to give it a try.

It's actually super easy. Get 12 ice cream sandwiches, lay four of them on a piece of foil, then cover that layer with chocolate spray whipped cream, top with chopped Reese's peanut butter cups (or any type of chocolate bar bits), repeat these layers twice, and then cover the whole thing with cool whip. Wrap the foil up around it and put it in the freezer for several hours. Let it sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving.

The finished product - it got pretty rave reviews =)

Keenan's "box house" was a big hit with the boys today....

Keenan and William having a small dispute about whether the door should be open or closed =)

Jonathan peeking out the window

Andrea, Laura, Tiffany and Jodi

Wendi and I
(unfortunately this one came out blurry)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another fun day...

This morning, Laura came with me to my Bible study at the Sheridan's. After lunch, while Keenan napped, Laura and I made enchiladas for a MOPS mom, and then visited Sonic on our way to Fort Walton Beach. We did a bit of shopping, and then I decided to let Keenan cool off at the splash park at Uptown Station. He loved it!
Philip joined us this evening for a "stylishly late" dinner at Guiseppi's Wharf.

Keenan and his goofy glasses

We thought he looked like a toothless old man here

Keenan at the splash park

Where did the water go?

Definitely not afraid to get wet

I love the look on his face here

Prancing around in the "oh so soft grass" at Uptown Station

Diva Laura

Out for dinner at Giuseppi's Wharf (thanks Laura... you bum!)

Laura and I with a salty old sailor

He seemed kind of sad

The dock behind the restaurant

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun with Laura

This afternoon Laura, Keenan and I went to the park. I decided to try out the bike trailer's stroller option. I love it!!

Keenan and Laura preparing for a ride down the slide


Laura reliving her childhood

Watching a plane go by

Keenan Desperately wanting to dive in!

When we got back from the park, Keenan took a nap, Laura got a pedicure and then we started watching a movie.

Laura reading one of our favorite magazines... about food. =)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Philip (despite being extremely sleep deprived after delivering a baby early this morning and spending the night at the hospital) was super nice and watched Keenan today so Laura and I could get out for some "girl time". Yay Philip!

First, we went to Big City American Bistro in Fort Walton Beach for their famous Sunday brunch. I had never been there, and absolutely Loved the open, "fresh feeling" atmosphere and the huge variety of food! (When our waitress brought our drinks she said, "People want to know why you're taking pictures..." LOL! I think they thought I was a food critic or something... I just admitted that I was a crazy blogger who took pictures of Everything. She seemed fine with that). =)

Some of my favorites were the Spinach and artichoke soup, the seasoned potatoes, the ribs, the salmon, the (super fresh) danishes, and of course the desserts.

This was the first brunch I'd been to where they had so much non breakfast food

Salads, etc..

(the chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes were good and the cream puffs were excellent)


After attempting to go twice during Laura's last visit (and got canceled once because of the weather and another time because of mechanical issues with the boat)... Laura and I have finally successfully gone parasailing for the first time! We had a Blast!!

Just before we flew

Heading out into the gulf (shortly after seeing some dolphins Right beside the boat!)

All harnessed up and ready to go

Off we go!


It was the Coolest feeling being up there! We totally expected it to be really windy, and loud, but it was actually surprisingly peaceful and quiet... we were just sitting there, swaying along, in the quiet, several hundred feet over the water. It was strange to see birds fly by Underneath us!

We had 600 feet of rope

Coming back in

...and safely back on board

I love this picture of us =)

Pictures from the Beach yesterday

Yesterday, after the retreat ended around noon, all the families joined up with the doctors at the Ramada resort and went to the beach.

The boys playing in the sand

Keenan and I headed over to the splash park pretty quickly. I was a little worried that the waves on the Gulf were a little big for Keenan, and wasn't looking forward to him getting all covered in sand...

The splash park

He Loved the splash park!

Happy boy

Philip trying to spray Keenan

It's raining on me!

We love Florida!

Philip took some pictures of the volleyball game going on. He used the "rapid fire" setting, and when you look at them all together, it's like watching a little movie! =) Here's a couple great shots from the game...

John doing some pretty impressive ball handling backwards!

The ball, one second before being served

Wendi and Clay jumping for the ball

Bill in the air

Another great Wendi shot

We did head back over to the beach for a little bit before going home... Keenan did have a swim diaper full of sand in seconds... =)

Keenan and I enjoying the waves

This is the life...

Back in he goes...

Big wave coming...

...evacuated just in time!

(Keenan was a little upset that he couldn't get the potato chips out of the bag by himself)

While working in the yard, we realized that we had a Ton of wild raspberries! Unfortunately, even though they're fruit bearing, they had to go, since we eventually want a "baby safe" yard...

I ate a bunch, they weren't bad!

When Daddy's not around...

Keenan, wearing my hair band, with lip balm in one hand, and attempting to "eat" a small bottle of perfume!